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We successfully trade and navigate the challenges of operating in foreign markets globally.

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We lead our partners to access the international markets while overcoming logistic and commerce related risks.

We build your connections and contacts

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We accelerate your sales and establish your brand long-term in new markets through our global connections, established reputation, and retailer portfolio.


We advise you on the most effective marketing strategies to position your brand in a new market

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Our team dedicates time and resources to promote sales and ensure brand longevity.

Correctly representing a brand and protecting its image is one of our main priorities. We continuously emphasise this vision upon introduction to new markets creating consumer brand recognition.

Partnership with retailers - we bridge the most challenging gap.

Our multi-lingual international team always provide our purchasing partners with:

  • Most sought after unique and optimal return products
  • Pre-eminent buying conditions
  • Assistance with transport arrangement and costs
  • Allowance for investment in marketing
  • Flexibility to research specific product upon request, in the constantly changing dynamics of international commerce

We offer
a "tailor-made"

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Our services are adapted to our each client's portfolio individually to enhance and compliment their brand's visibility and sales.

We care about your brand, production costs, and product survival in the market

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We offer our partners alternative packaging resources, logistics, raw materials, and collaboration among producers at international level to optimize overall impact and profitability.

We selectively chose our partners in accordance to our values and trade strategy

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Drop us a line if you have something outstanding to offer or are in search of an exceptional product

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